Wes Eldridge
My passions include building technology and businesses, hardware, and space. I started the companies Brewery Buddy and Insight Owl (now ParseMate). Over the years I have helped build products and services at Randall-Reilly. You can find me hacking at Rebellious Labs.

I grew up in an environment where I was encouraged to play and explore. This led me to discover my love of learning, a passion for creating new things, and further establish that I maintained a broad set of interests. As I've grown older, I haven't stopped learning or exploring new ideas. Choosing a major in college was difficult because I had many varied interests and found niches in every department I was passionate about. Much to my parent's disapproval, I decided to incorporate many of my interests by studying a variety of subjects. Math, physics, business, and engineering were among my favorites. The passion to learn how things work has been a lifelong obsession that makes me who I am today.

My mother is a 7th-grade math teacher. That means I spent many childhood summers at school with her. It was here, around the age of 8 that I was introduced to computers. I wandered into the library where a group was putting together big beige boxes. These were old Apple computers donated from a local business, and I asked one of the men to show me how it worked. He showed me how to put the large 5in floppy disk into the computer. I remember the disk was bigger than my head. He also showed me how to type some basic commands in the computer so I could load the game that was saved to the disk. From that point on, I was in love with computers.

Now, I work with technology and startups. I try to apply first principles to everything I help create. It's important to know why you are building something in a world when you can build anything.