Wes Eldridge

My passions include building technology and businesses, hardware, and space. I started the companies Brewery Buddy and Insight Owl (now Overlay). Over the years I have helped build products and services at Randall-Reilly. You can find me hacking at Rebellious Labs.


Wesley Eldridge is a full-stack engineer, entrepreneur, and researcher. He holds a BSBA from The University of Alabama, with a concentration in Applied Economics. Currently, he helps run Rebellious Lab’s, a product and engineering focused company.

Wes also works with Randall-Reilly as a web application developer within their product development group where he delivers high-value applications that reach more than 500,000 users a month. Outside of his professional career, Wes also contributes to open sources software.

He currently is a lead organizer and researcher for Pommerman, a multiagent reinforcement learning platform. This has given him and his team the opportunity to present at conferences like NeurIPS, AIIDE, and AAAI. Within the Pommerman community, Wes helps support more than 1,000 community members, develops and maintains the platform, and works with collaborators to produce research and presentations.

His entrepreneurial work has allowed him to be a guest lecturer, coach/mentor to startup founders, and a judge at startup focused events. Throughout his startup career, he has won 4 startup competitions helping him fund his companies.

In his free time, he enjoys hacking on robots and hardware, traveling, hiking, and cooking.

In The Beginning

I grew up in an environment where I was encouraged to play and explore. This led me to discover my love of learning, a passion for creating new things, and further establish that I maintained a broad set of interests. As I've grown older, I haven't stopped learning or exploring new ideas. Choosing a major in college was difficult because I had many varied interests and found niches in every department I was passionate about. Much to my parent's disapproval, I decided to incorporate many of my interests by studying a variety of subjects. Math, physics, business, and engineering were among my favorites. The passion to learn how things work has been a lifelong obsession that makes me who I am today.

My mother is a 7th-grade math teacher. That means I spent many childhood summers at school with her. It was here, around the age of 8 that I was introduced to computers. I wandered into the library where a group was putting together big beige boxes. These were old Apple computers donated from a local business, and I asked one of the men to show me how it worked. He showed me how to put the large 5in floppy disk into the computer. I remember the disk was bigger than my head. He also showed me how to type some basic commands in the computer so I could load the game that was saved to the disk. From that point on, I was in love with computers.

Now, I work with technology and startups. I try to apply first principles to everything I help create. It's important to know why you are building something in a world when you can build anything.