When I started at Randall-Reilly everyone was cowboy coding. That is a no-go as far as I am concerned. I decided to tackle this problem with the support of management.

I researched and came up with a solution. The team liked it, so we started implementing it. Over the coming year, we moved 8 high-value properties and 5 smaller projects to source control.


Impentation Owner

Recruiting Admin

The goal of the Recruiting Admin was to centralize job listing management that was spread between a few systems. I worked with Megean Knight who was the lead designer on the project. As more people started using the application we added more features to support their needs.

Today the Recruiting Admin helps manage more than 4 million listings.


Lead Developer
Code Owner


CIG is an acquisition that happened before we knew about code audits. The poor quality of this product demanded a rewrite. The team set off to make the product the best it could be. CIG was also the first product to utilize the Recruiting Admin.


Backend Developer

Lead Service

The Lead Service was a greenfield project whose goal was to centralize the management of leads and the exporting of leads to third-party systems.

I was the lead developer and designer for this project. I also architected the export pipeline the old export logic would be refactored into.


Lead Developer
Lead Designer
Product Owner
Code Owner


With no more cowboy coding, we needed a deployment solution. I developed one using Capistrano. Later I move the deployment process to BitBucket Pipelines.

We allowed developers to develop the way they wanted, but we also wanted to provide a standard solution. I create a local docker env that replicated our production environment.

I was responsible for maintaining the hosting environment for 8 recruiting products.


Server Admin
Testing and Building


As the use of the recruiting admin grew, so did the listings. After weeks of slow queries, we knew we needed to find a solution. I set out to architect a solution. We settled on Elasticsearch for our search service.

I worked with the lead developer and system admin to implement the solution. I helped managed the search service.


System Admin